There has been a revival in witchcraft in recent times. Wicca is all about working on good purposes and helping people in trouble. Being a witch is no more considered good or bad. It is about working positive magic. Although modern witches know how to bind and curse, Wicca plays a significant role in society. Some witches also work professionally as astrologers and tarot readers.

As society has evolved radically over the past few centuries, so has Wicca. People have moved from small villages to big cities, and it has become uncommon for them to form a relationship with their surrounding community. Face-to-face interactions have also decreased due to the popularity of the internet. As the world goes digital, witches are encouraging reconnection to the earth and its changes. The Wicca community is eager for more human contact. Open rituals and pub moots have become popular.

Pagan Identity

Wiccans or witches play a crucial role in the pagan community. But, many of them do not consider themselves to be pagans now. Although they might be engaging with the pagan community or spending time with them, it does not mean that they feel a responsibility towards the community. Witches are involved in different layers of our society. Modern forms of Wicca do not like to be defined as pagan or anything else as they have the freedom to choose. Witches feel a sense of obligation to help others in the craft and to come to their aid when needed.

Ritual Practices

There is a lot that our society can learn from Wiccan ritual practices since they deal mostly with inner work such as self-development and self-healing. Due to the disconnection in society, people are more drawn to shamanistic practices. Witches are well-versed in chanting spells, weaving, knitting, casting, healing, and other methods. The ritual practices tend to have a great impact on well being. By connecting with Wiccan traditions, people feel more connected to the world and can come together for a common goal. Ritual practices allow Wiccans to work together in harmony, which helps set a balance between good and bad.


There is a lot more witches can do besides just magic. They can work towards achieving freethinking, rights, and freedom. The internet has provided Wiccans with an opportunity to spread the word. Global campaigns are being launched to create awareness and show the world how Wicca is relevant in the world of today. Environmental work, women’s rights, homophobia, immigration, and global natural disasters are some of the issues that Wiccans genuinely care about. More people are researching their roots and trying to make sense of things. Wicca is showing others how following ancient rituals and setting new ones can help people achieve peace.

As Wicca becomes more relevant in society, it is important to learn more about the traditions and to accept the community entirely. Even though the world has become more accepting of Wiccans, more effort is needed to create a global movement.