The belief that a curse was really put on you is doubtful. It’s not unthinkable, but it is unlikely. Most of the people who think they are cursed don’t want to confront the reality that unpleasant things sometimes happen for no known reason. 99% of the time, a curse has not been placed on you.

Ask yourself this. What did you do to deserve someone’s hatred and rage they would exert such effort and time cursing you? For a curse to actually take hold, it actually takes a lot of energy and magical skill. So, either the individual who’s cursing you is an adept conjurer or witch or is paying off a conjurer/witch good money to curse you for them.

Believe it or not, curses don’t come cheap. Ask yourself this, if someone has magical abilities to do it themselves? Do they have the cash to pay someone to curse you? If the answer is you’re uncertain, then you’re being paranoid. To consider yourself cursed, it takes more than one of these signs of a curse.

1. Seeing an omen with other signs of a curse could support your suspicions. Whether it’s seeing a blackbird or an owl.
2. If you’ve had good luck and then you seem to be experiencing a string of bad luck. Is this bad luck a product to your poor choices in life?
3. If you’re usually a positive, optimistic person, you’re experiencing depressing, maybe even dangerous thoughts. This could be a signal of a curse and that you’re under spiritual attack.
4. The easiest way for someone to curse you is if they have a piece of your personal belongings. If someone’s been in your home lately and something personal is missing, this could be a sign.

5. If you have a recurring dream of someone who is violating your personal space, breaking into your house, even stealing from you, could be a sign you are under psychic or spiritual attack. Your ancestors and guides will alert you.
6. Broken glass in your yard or doorstep can be a sign. Filled bottles containing cursing elements are thrown at an enemy’s front door, doorstep or yard. When it’s broken, the hex is released.
7. If you’re getting unusual or dangerous letters, whether direct or as an email, perhaps that very individual is cursing you. The message itself might be magically energized with negativity.

8. If you find strange things on your property that doesn’t belong to, this could be a clue someone is attempting to curse you.
9. Have you noticed dead or dying animals at your doorstep? Is there an animal that seems to stick around, checking you out more than usual? Maybe your pets come down with an illness or died. This may be another.
10. If you are a healthy individual and start developing an unexplained illness or unforeseen injuries, this may be a curse. Curses can be set to cause someone to become ill and waste away.

Whether you are or aren’t being cursed, understand this. Your fear feeds negativity. A curse is maintained by negativity. Don’t encourage fear. You are strong enough to break this cycle. Know this. Believe it.

If you answered yes to more than one sign of curses, you might be under spiritual attack. Ask your guides or ancestors to verify what is taking place through some measures of divination.

Thoroughly cleanse your space as well as yourself. Smudging is always the best means of removing negative entities along with floor washes and sweeps. Following a cleansing of your area and yourself, perform a spiritual cleansing or uncrossing bath.

Understand the curse is broken. Move on with your life. Don’t forget it’s essential to cleanse your space and yourself regularly.