If you’ve ever been curious by Shadow People, or have seen them, this book is for you!

Shadow People are paranormal entities that are typically described as dark silhouettes appearing across our world.

This book examines what shadow people are in more detail, why only some can see them and which categories they fall into: benign shadows, bedroom watchers, moving shadows, background visitors and haunting presences. We will also take a look at negative shadows and angry hooded shadows that frequently traverse our homes and how cats and other animals play a role in these being’s visits.

Finally, we will dive into what you can do when you encounter a shadow person. Whether you want to learn how to attract them or banish them from your home, I’ve got you covered. Have no fear—I’m here for you!

With a combination of modern science, mythology, and religion concerning Shadow People phenomena, let me help guide you through an intriguing realm via exploration!