There is more to witchcraft than toads, newts, and flying broomsticks. With over 800,000 Wiccans in the United States, more and more people are choosing to practice Pagan customs and strengthen their connection to nature.
Today’s eco-conscious witches are just as concerned about the planet as any other non-witch, if not more. She appreciates Mother Nature, loves all things green, and is called a “green witch.”
The release of well-known witchcraft books demonstrates the current growth in the popularity of green witchcraft.

Green Witches—What are They?

Murphy-Hiscock adds that a green witch is fundamentally a naturalist, a herbalist, a wise lady, and a healer. She believes in the power of nature and takes energy from the Earth and the Universe. Uses natural objects like stones and jewels to connect with the land she lives on, uses plants, flowers, oils, and herbs for healing, asks nature for guidance, and respects all living things, no matter how small. The green witch’s book of shadows, a recipe and spell book of mixtures and incantations that is as individual as each witch’s handwriting, has these understandings.
A green witch is what the Otherworldly Oracle refers to as “a person who deals with nature’s forces, local spirits, and all things green. The green witch establishes a tight relationship with nearby plants, trees, and wildlife as well as with the soil to harness the energy of the natural resources surrounding them.” These witches resemble ancient healers like druids and shamans.

What Distinguishes a White Witch from a Green Witch?

A white witch is preoccupied with using white magic, as opposed to a green witch who is interested in the wonders and mysticism of the earth. Green witches concentrate their efforts on the natural energy of the earth’s flora. In contrast, white witches apply practical magic with an eye on the greater good. There are wide different varieties of magic, but two examples are green witches and white witches. There are also kitchen witches, house witches, broom closet witches, and hedge witches.

How do I become a Green Witch?

Start with the natural world.
Consider beginning your study of green witchcraft with the Sacred Apprentice Box of Witchcraft from Sacred Iseum, which is intended to provide you with tools, magic, and inspiration. Based on the astrological alignment at the time, each month is carefully curated with magically charged things. The Informational Packet, Specially Designed BOS Pages, Specially Designed Spells, Incense, Oils, Herbs, Candles, Altar Tools, Jewelry, and other goods are some things you can anticipate finding in an apprentice box.

Include Flora and Greenery in Your Space

It would be best if you had flowers on hand because the world of the green witch is verdant. All you need to do to plant the monthly in-season seeds offered by Seed Club Pro is add soil, sunlight, and water. Additionally, your grimoire might require flowers, which Seed Club Pro can help with. Other excellent choices to consider are Airplant Box and My Garden Box, which include live plants and everything you need to create enjoyable, satisfying, and fulfilling garden projects.

Compile A Spiritual Toolkit for Beginners

Try a Magical Folk subscription box to strengthen your commitment to the environment. “Join us as we use the forces of old celestial knowledge and seek to brighten the world from the inside,” they proclaim, paying homage to the plants and animals of each season. Considering your common ties with other subscribers, not even a pandemic can stop covens.
The Tamed Wild Box, which provides monthly gifts of magic and earth medicine, is another option for lone witches to consider. Deliveries may contain crystals, herbs, teas, ritual instruments, altar goods, jewelry, essential oils, and other lifestyle things. Additionally, there is a lunar ritual for establishing intentions that have been specially chosen for the witch in you for each month.

Devote Time to Your Practice

Green witchcraft has a wide range; the green witch’s path is filled with many concepts that will draw you closer to Mother Earth. As a green witch, Arin Murphy-entertaining Hiscock’s guide is a great place to begin. These subscription boxes are an even better starting point.

Consider learning the ways of the green witch and using nature magic, which may be the most potent form of magic there is!