Many of the characteristics of these lightworkers overlap. That’s because of the interconnected nature of light working. Most lightworkers go through similar experiences, and when they begin their spiritual journey, they gain the same kind of knowledge and wisdom. What they impart onto the people that they help are just different perspectives of the same universal truths. All lights working revolve around four main pillars.

The first is healing. All lightworkers need to undergo constant healing of their past traumas to awaken their higher selves and purpose. Some also help to heal other souls and families. In contrast, others heal the planet by breaking it away from ways of life that manifest dense emotions for mankind.
The second is manifesting. All lightworkers are adept at manifesting positivity for mankind, albeit to varying degrees. This is because all lightworkers are skilled at attracting light according to their level of consciousness. This means that they also attract whatever vibrates at that particular frequency.

The third pillar of all lightworking is embracing authenticity and love. Lightworkers cannot live out their purpose if they have not come to embrace their tourist, highest selves. This also rings true for every soul in existence. As such, all lightworkers try to get the ego to live in harmony with the shadow in some way or another. Some do it by living their own lives boldly and authentically, encouraging them to do the same. Some do it by challenging the status quo. Pushing the current limitations of the human perspective, thus showing people that there is more to the universe than what we perceive with our senses. Others do it by innovating new and better ways of existence within society and fight for justice and equality. A just and equal world will raise the collective consciousness because mankind will no longer be shackled by the darkness that comes with the abuse of others.

Finally, all lightworkers are called to bring more light into the planet to ascend from the third dimension to the fourth dimension. This is the cornerstone of all light work. It is the spirit and Source’s primary goal. The higher all planets and souls ascend, the closer we are to reuniting with the spirit and Source.