yoga poses for runners

Benefits of Yoga for Runners

Yoga and Running may seem like opposite ends of the fitness spectrum, but one shouldn’t disregard the other just because they might not seem alike. In truth, they might actually be more effective on the other than you hoped.

Running and Yoga

Running is a balancing act. You might think, I walk and run every day and rarely do I ever fall on the back, how is it a balancing act? Well, have you ever complained about back backs, knees, tight hamstrings or sore feet? You might think it just a given that comes with running, but really it isn’t.

The pain you experience because of running is a result of bad form and imbalances during running. If you bring your body through a practice that is dedicated to balance and form, you’ll see that it greatly affects your day to day activities, not just running. A good fitness model is one that is based on the combination of strength and flexibility.

Yoga Helps Reduce Physical Stress

Runners are obviously a lot more in form and structure with their physique while running, but post runs they might even anticipate the pain they might experience. Not having the proper balance can lead to chronic pain and even injury.

The body needs an opposing movement to the pounding, tightening and shortening movements that runners experience. There is an instability that is created when you’re focusing on just a few muscles when running. The muscles engaged in running get righter and the ones that aren’t don’t.

Yoga’s Benefits for Runners

Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses solely on body movement and position therefor the outcomes, the ‘gains’ aren’t as important to a person performing yoga.

You are far more aware of your body while performing yoga. You can, therefore, gauge the effect an exercise is having on it. Your body is far more flexible and many runners cite Yoga as a solution for greater movement.

Anyone who is a runner will be surprised at how easily their legs give in when performing it. When running, you’re only really targeting one certain area while others remain ignored. Yoga engages your muscles on all planes so it increases endurance.

Running is a purely physical exercise and of course, some might use it as a mental break, there really isn’t a comparison to the workout your mind gets when you’re working out.  Yoga uses all muscle groups, your legs, toes, the back muscles your abdomen and the most important muscle of all, your brain!

One of the most important aspects to both forms of exercise is worked on and perfected. This is the act of breathing. Yoga is the exercise to maintain your breathing and balancing it with your poses. If you’re not breathing correctly during yoga, you might as well not even do the poses. Yoga builds the discipline of breathing. And if you’re a runner, you know the importance of maintaining a correct breathing pattern. Honing that skill from yoga just might do the trick!

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