Writing Life

Mercury Retrograde


Here we go again. I don’t know about you, but this is the time I work harder than I usually do. Let’s see how much is actually done through this period.

Mercury Retrograde occurs three to four times per year. The planet Mercury slows down, and gives the impression of stopping and the moving backwards. It really isn’t moving backwards. It’s merely an optical illusion.

While delays and misunderstandings do seem to happen, during this time, people thoughts, and feelings reappear for answers, resolutions and incorporations.

It is crucial to be adaptable through this period and be receptive to anything the universe is showing you. Mercury retrograde has usually been seen as a makeover period. For the most part, it’s all about the small changes that need to be made. Less often times, the event can assist to enable more substantial changes and even be insightful.

For myself, when Mercury decided to go into retrograde and my laptop became it’s first casualty, I decided to build another desktop. As much as I enjoy doing this, I know I’m going cringe at the time spent away from writing, but it needs to get done.

I really did enjoy my laptop. I enjoyed taking it outside while I wrote. But as I get ready to dismantle it to retrieve the hard drive, it’s back to working with two desktops. How many files will I find are actually on the desktop?

To switch gears, I am amazed and humbled at how well my latest book, Seven African Powers: The Orishas, has been doing. I am now in the process of completing Cooking for the Orishas, which is  recipes not only for the Orishas, but for yourself and your family. It’s to be released June 10, 2017.


If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, just click on the tablet. If you enjoy it, please leave a review at your favorite eBook retailer.