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Reviews and Dealing with Haters

First off, criticism from haters has nothing to do with hating you. For whatever reason, with the Internet, negative people seem more bent to comment than those who are positive. So while a handful of harsh comments can make you think the world hates your book, don’t be intimidated. It’s possible just a few individuals.

Taylor Swift’s song goes through my head each time, and I simply “Shake it Off.” Remember, reading is all about understanding the reader and not so often about the author. Continue reading


Benefits of Yoga for Runners

Yoga and Running may seem like opposite ends of the fitness spectrum, but one shouldn’t disregard the other just because they might not seem alike. In truth, they might actually be more effective on the other than you hoped.

Running and Yoga

Running is a balancing act. You might think, I walk and run every day and rarely do I ever fall on the back, how is it a balancing act? Well, have you ever complained about back backs, knees, tight hamstrings or sore feet? You might think it just a given that comes with running, but really it isn’t.

The pain you experience because of running is a result of bad form and imbalances during running. If you bring your body through a practice that is dedicated to balance and form, you’ll see that it greatly affects your day to day activities, not just running. A good fitness model is one that is based on the combination of strength and flexibility.

Yoga Helps Reduce Physical Stress

Runners are obviously a lot more in form and structure with their physique while running, but post runs they might even anticipate the pain they might experience. Not having the proper balance can lead to chronic pain and even injury.

The body needs an opposing movement to the pounding, tightening and shortening movements that runners experience. There is an instability that is created when you’re focusing on just a few muscles when running. The muscles engaged in running get righter and the ones that aren’t don’t.

Yoga’s Benefits for Runners

Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses solely on body movement and position therefor the outcomes, the ‘gains’ aren’t as important to a person performing yoga.

You are far more aware of your body while performing yoga. You can, therefore, gauge the effect an exercise is having on it. Your body is far more flexible and many runners cite Yoga as a solution for greater movement.

Anyone who is a runner will be surprised at how easily their legs give in when performing it. When running, you’re only really targeting one certain area while others remain ignored. Yoga engages your muscles on all planes so it increases endurance.

Running is a purely physical exercise and of course, some might use it as a mental break, there really isn’t a comparison to the workout your mind gets when you’re working out.  Yoga uses all muscle groups, your legs, toes, the back muscles your abdomen and the most important muscle of all, your brain!

One of the most important aspects to both forms of exercise is worked on and perfected. This is the act of breathing. Yoga is the exercise to maintain your breathing and balancing it with your poses. If you’re not breathing correctly during yoga, you might as well not even do the poses. Yoga builds the discipline of breathing. And if you’re a runner, you know the importance of maintaining a correct breathing pattern. Honing that skill from yoga just might do the trick!

Learn more with Yoga for Runners.


Summer Solstice Celebrations 2018

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year, signifying the middle of summer. The celebration of this day takes place all throughout the world in many different shapes and forms. Druids and pagans celebrate it, performing rebirth rituals. Here are a few of the ways this occasion is celebrated worldwide.

Iceland, Reykjavik, Secret Solstice Festival

Iceland celebrates the summer solstice with a three-day long music festival. The sun sets on the eve of the summer solstice in Iceland at about midnight; it rises again just before 3 am. If you want to catch a few extra hours of sleep, you may want to use thicker curtains in your rooms. Iceland has a Secret Solstice Midnight Sun Music Festival, making use of the extra available daylight. Reggae, hip-hop and electronic acts take the stage, keeping people entertained.

England, Wiltshire, Stonehenge

Stonehenge itself is a site shrouded in mystery, mystics, archaeologists, and historians long debating its perplexing construction. The impressive structure was built by Neolithic humans, creating the enormous stone edifice using primitive tools, tools made from deer antlers and wood. Various theories proliferate regarding its purpose, but we may never know for sure what it was meant to be, whether a prehistoric observatory, a temple made to worship the ancient gods or an ancient burial ground, or perhaps something else. In today’s world, pagans, druids and other miscellaneous people are attracted to Stonehenge to watch the rising of the sun over its stone circle, aligned perfectly with the sunrise.

United States, New York, Times Square

The Big Apple celebrates the summer solstice in a unique way, holding a yoga event that lasts the whole day, beginning at 7 am and going on till sunset. The UN General Assembly has named the day the International Day of Yoga too, adding to the anticipation and enjoyment of the occasion. The event is broadcast via live webcast, enabling those not in New York to participate in it as well.

Austria, Tyrol, Solstice fires

Over here, mountain fires are lit to celebrate the summer solstice, a tradition going back to the medieval age, a time that saw native tribes using mystical fires as a form of worshipping the earth. Fires can be seen throughout the countryside in Austria as a form of celebration, particularly in Tyrol’s Wilder Kaiser region, in the mountains. Cable cars, on which one can enjoy breathtaking views, transport people to various events in the different mountain towns throughout the day going well into the evening. There is, on Lake Achensee, a cruise, and culinary and musical festivals in the backdrop of Nordkette Mountains in Innsbruck.

Sweden, Stockholm, Midsummer

The summer solstice marks an extremely important event in Sweden. Over here, midsummer is celebrated with decadent indulgence, rooted in pagan rituals. Swedes wear wildflower wreaths in their heads, eating potatoes, cured salmon and pickled herring, drinking flavored schnapps, and dancing around maypoles decorated in greenery and flowers. Celebrations take place all through the country, popular ones in Skansen Museum.



10 Best Websites for Writers

You will find that the internet is also chock-full with great story writing websites. Here are 10 websites that I enjoy. 

Jami Gold

Jami Gold, a paranormal author, share tips and gives advice to writers with worksheets for career improvement, story planning, and story improvement. Not only does she have workshops online geared towards writing craft and author platform, she also offers editorial services.

Daily Writing Tips

Is exactly that. If you need creativeness and perhaps a writing tip or two, this is the place. It includes writing-related articles. The first time I stumbled on it, 30 minutes has passed after reading the many, many articles.

The Write Practice

This site is a lot like the one above, but you cannot have too many prompts to keep writer’s block at bay. It asks you to take a 2-minute assessment as well as a writing practice.

1st 10 Pages

Learn how to make your first impression count. Free to all, 1st 10 Pages gives Writers a place to post the beginning of your story, securely. Once read anonymously, you will know if more of your story is desire.

Write to Done

Whether you write non-fiction, novels, or blog posts, Write to Done is the place for you. You’ll find tips, motivation, how-to posts and ways to promote your writing.

How to Plan, Write and Develop a Book

Weekly tips and techniques from Mary Carroll Moore on how to form, build, write and sell your manuscript. In addition to offering writing classes, she helps writers improve their skills and learn the publishing process.


Offering resources to help you at all phases of writing, Re:Fiction is the place to be. With writing prompts, exercises, and contests, it also offers on manuscripts of up to 5,000 words grants for professional editing and critiques each month.


It’s time to stop procrastinating and start writing! Written by Shanan Haislip, The Procrastiwriter will help you find the motivation you need to write more, hone your craft, and most importantly, make room for consistent writing.

Warrior Writers

Kristen Lamb is an author and coach who helps writers connect with their readers. She shares advice on topics like writing craft, building a following on social media, navigating the publishing process and making a living as a writer.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing

Author Joe Konrath has published 24 novels and sold millions of books, giving him the experience to create a must-read blog. If you write mysteries, thrillers, horror or sci-fi, you’ll find a ton of helpful advice for writing, editing and publishing your novel.



Yoga To Beat Depression and Anxiety Now Available

Book 11 of Mojo’s Yoga Series is now available!

While it’s normal for everybody to feel dishearten, in a blue mood or depressed from the loss of a loved one, but after these feelings go on for more than two weeks, it can begin to affect your daily functioning and activities.
You will find that yoga is one of the best ways to lighten your mood and keep depression at bay. Remember, the practice of yoga doesn’t have any adverse side effects.