wiccan tools for beginners

Helpful Magical Tools for the Beginner Pagan

If you are a beginner pagan who wants to use helpful magical tools to live a more prosperous and spiritual life, then this post is just for you.
It is common for people that discover Paganism for the first time to rush to the nearest magical shop in hopes of buying every single magical item they can get their hands on. Although each magical tool has a purpose, you must use the most helpful ritual and magical items to alleviate your experience. The following are some useful magical tools that should get you started on your pagan journey.


No post on pagan tools would be complete without the mention of an altar. It plays a crucial role in religious ceremonies. In the simplest of words, an altar is a table that holds all the ritual tools. It is also used for casting spells. There are permanent altars and seasonal ones as the seasons change. Some people even have multiple altars in their homes. An ancestor altar is extremely popular. It contains pictures, heirlooms, and ashes of deceased family members. A nature altar is also common. Interesting items are placed on it, such as an appealing piece of wood, pretty seashells, or an unusual rock.


Since the beginning of time, people have known that loud noise drives away evil spirits. Hence, bells play a crucial role in worship. They are considered a good noisemaker. Vibrations caused by the ringing of bells is viewed as a source of useful power. Variations in the sound of bells can help bring harmony to the magical circle. The bell is rung in some forms of Wicca to start and end a rite. It is used to evoke the Goddess.


The besom is used for sweeping the ceremonial area before the commencement of a ritual. It is used for sweeping the physical space and negative energies that accumulate. The broom is considered a purifier as it is connected to water. Many witches have broom collections, and making your besom is quite easy if you do not want to buy one.

Book of Shadows

Although you might have seen a Book of Shadows in popular movies, there are many types of books of shadow in reality. It is a notebook of information that is used by pagans and Wiccans. It contains legends, myths, invocations, magic spells, correspondence charts, and rituals. Sometimes, the Book of Shadows is passed from one pagan to the next such as in a coven. It is best to create your Book of Shadows.


Finally, candles are a potent magical tool that is used in pagan and Wiccan rituals. They are considered to be a symbol of the gods. Candles are used for casting spells. According to Wiccan theory, candles absorb personal energy and release it as they are burned.

Remember. From altars to candles, the magical tools for beginner pagans will allow you to continue on your journey of self-discovery.