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Going Skyclad In Wicca

When people talk about Pagans, they refer to dancing naked in the woods. It is an image that simply sticks to the mind. A lot goes into the ceremony that you need to know about. Whether you are a new Wiccan or just curious and want to know more about going skyclad, you have come to the right place. It is a practice that allows one to be a part of something special.

Why Go Skyclad?

Now, you must be wondering why one should even go skyclad. The fact is that people have worshipped naked in the open for a very long time. If you have seen carvings on cave walls, you must have concluded that our ancestors worshipped naked. Being nude allows certain ritual activities to be easily practiced. For instance, Native American tribes practice sweat lodge ceremonies wherein they pour water onto hot rocks. Everyone crawls into the lodge without any clothing. Men and women do have separate sweat lodges. 

Similarly, early Christians practiced baptism naked. The person seeking baptism and the priest would enter the water naked. However, the tradition died down over the centuries. Aseptic monks are known for giving up everything worldly, including clothing. A Jainist sect called Digambaras, which means skyclad, also practices spiritual detachment by getting naked. The term “Sky Clad” has inspired the modern Pagan belief. Besides, plenty of written records reveals that witches worshiped naked. Leland is an excellent source of inspiration for witches wanting to practice nude. He has constantly written about being free from everything and naked in your rites.

Most people consider magic to move more smoothly and strongly when nothing comes in the way. It is believed that nudity does not interfere with the body releasing energy, unlike clothing. To be truly free, one must remove contact lenses, glasses, jewelry, perfumes, make-up, and clothes. Others feel that being skyclad improves safety as no fabric comes in the way, which reduces the possibility of setting a fire. When you feel the heat, it becomes easier to be careful of fire.
Moreover, going skyclad puts one in the right state of mind. Even the slightest of things can divert our minds. Therefore, being naked indicates our freedom from the mundane and frees our minds for it to enter the sphere of magic.

When we remove status symbols, it helps break down barriers and establishes equality. Men and women face each other as equals. They get to realize their physical imperfections and inadequacies. Thus, they get to accept one another completely. Nudity also encourages bonding within a group, loyalty, trust, and honesty. Being nude also generates a thrill unlike any other. It allows the body to unleash its maximum power. Finally, going skyclad is all about being in front of God as we were sent into the world without any clothes. The Wiccan religion is all about love and lust. There is no reason to feel guilty about finding someone attractive.