what is my element wicca

Exploring the Elements In Wicca

Each element has a purpose in Wicca. Nothing is created in vain. There is an answer to every question. To be a Wiccan, one has to have an open mind and think critically. The Pagan religion offers solutions for everything, even if things seem subtle. Witches pay homage to the elements. They are the forces of nature that form the core or foundation of everything.
The fact is that everything in our universe consists of elements. Wiccans revere these elements and include them in day-to-day life, rituals, and celebrations. Having a deep understanding of the elements is crucial before diving into the Pagan religion. The concept behind the elements is not something new. Empedocles was a Greek philosopher who credited the elements for being the root of the matter. Although his writings might have been lost, his ideas remain and are accepted by most Pagans.

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