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Wendigos: The Native American Flesh Eating Beast

Anyone fan of horror movies, Stephen King, and the supernatural is likely to have heard of Wendigos. You might have seen a legend or had a friend tell you about it. There is more to the story than you know. It was not written by Warner Bros. Historical accounts by people speak about the creature. There is no need to worry as the origins of the legend are covered by this post. As you read on, you will learn more about the mythical creature.


Now, you must be wondering what the Wendigo looks like. Despite being an insatiable predator, it is not the muscular or largest beast. It is about 15 feet tall and has a body that is mainly emaciated. It could be attributed to the fact that it never is truly satisfied with its cannibalistic urges. Wendigos are obsessed with hunting new victims and are always hungry. Therefore, they are continuously searching for the next person to eat.

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