voodoo and hoodoo

Voodoo and Hoodoo: How are they Different

Voodoo and Hoodoo may sound the same but are worlds apart. Often mistaken for each other, the two are frequently associated with words such as magic, witchcraft, and the dark arts.
Voodoo and Hoodoo have deep pasts and are interested in offering a rich understanding of spirituality and unworldly beings for all who wish to study them.
Of course, it is easy to mix the two up, so here are all the differences between the two traditions.

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Voodoo Day

Voodoo Day or Fête du Vodoun is a ceremony or festival performed in the city of Ouidah in Benin. It is often misunderstood as Voodoo religion practice. The festival itself is not a religion or religious practice! This traditional day is often celebrated as a public holiday in Benin to celebrate the rich culture and history surrounding West Africa’s religion called Vodoun. Vodoun and voodoo practices were thought to be illegal. However, the ban was officially lifted and Vodoun was officially recognized as a religion in West Africa during 1996. Throughout the country, the celebration of the Voodoo day festival starts on the 10th of January. This festival is filled with singing and dancing and the drinking of lots of liquor. Gin is the most preferred liquor. The festival, however, begins by slaughtering a goat or a ram to please the spirits. Continue readingFacebooktwitterpinterest