Our 2017 Trip

I truly can say that I totally enjoyed our time in Poland this year. Our first few days were spent in Wroclaw with my husband’s Aunt Czeslwawa, where his dad had already taken the bus there. We went to Wroclaw’s town center to do the tourist thing, his cousin Tomaz and wife, Magdalena cooked for us at their home (I’m in love with their house and especially the size of their shower) and his other cousin (Tomaz’s brother) Arthur and wife took us out to dinner the next night. Arthur and Kiki were getting ready to go to Malta, so I’m glad we were able to see them before they left.

We then went to Rszesow. The train station is right in between where Ziggy’s dad lives and our hotel, Best Western Plus Ferdynand Hotel, so we left our rental there for most of the time to save on parking. From now on, that will be our hotel when we visit.

Ziggy wanted to go to Morskie Oko, which is in the Tatra Mountains. It was a three-hour drive to get there, but worth it. Once we arrived, it turned out to be a 12.4 hike one way. The lake with the mountains in the background was beautiful. We took the horse and cart back instead of walking. Even though we were exhausted, I noticed we were a few feet from the Slovakia border. As a result, we crossed over to get my son a bottle of Absinthe.

It was then time to go to Starachowice, where Uncle Adam (who came by bus while we were in Morskie Oko) lives. His wife, Janina, was really intent on fattening me up. When she found out that my favorite food was fries, she cooked some up for me. When I say cook, I mean that I ate so many fries, I didn’t want to see any potato product whatsoever.

Ziggy has another Aunt (Jadwiga) who also lives in Starachowice. I really wished we could have stayed longer with her. She is 83 years young. Such a wonderful woman.

Even with everything, including not understanding 75% of what was being said, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am amped to go again. Now. My husband is gamed to start planning for next year. I’m on it. Of course, we need to wrangle the time off. Fingers crossed.