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Celebrate Ostara: Spring Equinox

Ostara comes in between Beltane and Imbolc. It is one of the spring festivals that celebrate the wheel of the year. Ostara is about celebrating balance between different seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the starting of spring.
It is also known as Spring Equinox, which is a moment when the dark and the light are in a balance. Although Ostara usually is celebrated on the 20th of March every year, the exact moment that the Spring Equinox occurs varies each year. This is because there is a misalignment between the actual rate at which the Earth rotates around the sun and the Gregorian calendar. Moreover, the Equinox occurs during different times, depending on where one lives on Earth.
Typically, the date when Ostara occurs is anywhere from the 19th – 21st March. The Spring Equinox is a holiday which is not just celebrated by pagans, but many other religions throughout the world such as Shia Muslims.

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