The Sacred Twins – Ibeji 

Ibeji is also known as Ibelli, Ibryi, Meji, Melli, and Jimaguas. They are twins but the Ibeji are identified as one Orisha. ‘Ibi’ accurately means born and ‘eji’ means two. Twins are considered to be very sacred among the people of Yoruba. They have the highest rate of twin births, about 5% whereas the rest of the world has a twin-birth percentage of 0.5%. The Ibeji and all twins of this world are considered to have one soul in two bodies. The Ibeji are believed to be the original twins born on this earth and are said to be the orishas of joy, glee, and mischief. The Gemini twins in astrology are also said to be related directly to the Ibeji. The Ibejis parents are, namely, Chango and Oshun. Continue reading


How Yoga Help with Your Depression

In this fast-paced world, there is no time for an individual to sit and relax. Nowadays, we struggle so hard to keep up with our reputation and other people’s expectations. We often overlook our own persisting feelings that demand something from us. Sadness, loneliness, and self-pity can characterize one of those feelings. They all pile up under one roof to give shelter to an uninvited guest, depression.

Yoga is a great way to come to terms and target your depression. By focusing on self-awareness yoga will help with the attainment of peace. Learn the poses to help you cope with the jumbled thoughts in your mind. Pinpoint the source of your depression. Yoga will help your body, mind, and soul to work in unison and relax your nerves and various points in the body. Continue reading


Fighting Anxiety with Yoga

Anxiety appears in many forms. It disturbs those who suffer from its numerous forms. These forms include generalized anxiety and acute anxiety disorder. Anxiety creates feelings of defeat, anger, panic, constant fear, low self-esteem and limited control.

People want to avoid anxiety. Yet for others it is a constant struggle, leading them to try drugs to treat it, hoping for release from its powerful clutches. Practicing yoga is a great way to take the challenge of anxiety head on, subduing it effects. Here’s two yoga poses you can do to help ease anxiety.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is a resting pose in yoga. Many people use it as a way to relax between performing more challenging poses during a yoga session. It can imbue its performer with comfort, helping to ease the symptoms of anxiety. This pose releases tension locked up in the shoulders, neck and back, the places where many people hold great stress. It promotes relaxation, encouraging you to take conscious deep breaths. Deep breathing is wonderful for those who suffer from anxiety, calming one’s nervous system. Continue reading


Detoxing Your Body with Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that utilizes your entire body; all of your muscles are engaged in elegant poses to relieve yourself of pain and stress. There won’t be a single day where you come back from a yoga session feeling worse than you did before. There’s a certain high you get after and during a yoga session because it really isn’t just a physical exercise but an exercise for your mind as well.

Exercising yoga is a great way to detox your entire body. There are a few poses that offer maximum ways to get your system cleansed.

Seated Twist Pose

Movements in the Seated Twist that involve compression and extended stretching are a great way to cleanse your body. Sure the toxins won’t jump out of your body but movements that constrict and offer resistance will push things downwards in your digestive system. The more we help our digestive system, the faster the toxins are removed. Continue reading


Ogun: The Orisha of Iron

Ogun is known to be a very powerful warrior who has creativity and intelligence when it comes to making new tools. He protects his people from injustice. He is known as the father of civilization because if it were not for his creative tools, the earth would be full of the wilderness. If it were not for his strength, the path from heaven to earth would never have been cleared for the Orishas and humanity to thrive on earth. Ogun’s tools were the tools which helped create new buildings and cities. Continue reading