Outline Template

Writing Your Outline


So, you’ve chosen your topic and your audience. You’ve come up with some ideas or even completed your first draft. Now, you’ll want to go through by rearranging your ideas into an arrangement that performs best to express your point.

Here are a few organizational outlines:

Cause and Effect

Explaining the influences involving an event and what caused it.  You can start off with a broad statement (either the cause or the effect) and then back up that statement with information that characterizes the other.


Writing convincingly or trying to make a point. You’ll first want to think through what works best. Is it hooking your reader with your main theme and then following up with helpful details? Or setting the reader up with the information to direct to your main point? Likewise, do you want to shift from your most to your least important point, other other way around?


Comparing two points or situations to each other. One is to focus on the separate items, expressing them in their extensiveness based on different characteristics that they have in common. A second form is to focus on the characteristics themselves, defining the items as they apply to those characteristics.


This is mainly beneficial when unfolding a story or relaying events chronologically. Just double-check that your events are written in the order in which they happened.

I hope you find these tips useful to your writing.