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Moon Magick in Wicca

It is said the Moon to have a very significant role in performing magick for the Wiccans or even witchcraft and Paganism. Wiccans use the Moon’s magick to honor and please the Goddess on the Esbats.

The Moon has constantly played a very vital role in myths, legends and magickal mysteries of the world. Along with the sun, the Moon has also been thought of as a God and was worshipped as well. Mythically, the Moon is viewed to be associated with time, death, rebirth, love, passion, mystery and the Afterlife.

The Power of the Moon

Many people know of the energy that the Earth has on it. It receives energy from the sun as well. But, many Wiccans and scientists, in fact, believe that the Moon is also its own source of energy. While the sun has a sort of masculine type of energy, the Moon has more of a soft and feminine feel to its energy. Wiccans often describe it as the energy of the Goddess. Some people tend to feel a tug or a kind of magnetic pull towards the Moon. Most sensitive people are drawn to the Moon during a Full Moon as if someone is literally pushing them towards the Moon. Some people tend to get emotionally and physically heightened senses during the Full Moon. Continue reading