Mind Body and Soul Series

Creative Visualization

Creative visualization is a mental technique. It uses the powers of the mind and the imagination to change your life. With the help of this technique, you can shape your character, habits, and circumstances. Attract opportunities, people, and the things you desire.

The Main Principles of Creative Visualization are:

Our most repeated thoughts often come true.

Repeated thoughts will affect the subconscious mind. It is the mind that controls our habits, desires, actions, and reactions. Thoughts attract corresponding circumstances. Continue reading


Reiki Healing

Reiki refers to a technique of Japanese origin, designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation and result in healing. It’s administered through the hands, predicated on the belief in an invisible ‘life for energy’ flowing through each and every one of us, an energy that results in our being alive in the first place. Should the ‘life force energy’ or a person below, the person is likelier to feel stressed out or to become ill; should this energy be high, the person is likely to be healthy and happy.

‘Reiki’ the word is composed of two words in Japanese, the first ‘Rei’ meaning ‘Higher Power or God’s Wisdom,’ the second, ‘Ki’ meaning ‘life force energy.’ Reiki is, therefore ‘life force energy guided by God’s wisdom.’

A Reiki treatment is a wonderful experience, making clients feel a glowing radiance flowing around them and through them. Reiki not only treats people’s physical bodies but their spirits and minds as well, addressing their emotional needs, producing a plethora of beneficial effects, including relaxation, resulting in peaceful feelings, feelings of well-being and security. A number of reiki clients have reported miraculous experiences and results.

Reiki is a safe, natural and simply technique offering spiritual healing as well as self-improvement, available for use by everyone. It has helped alleviate the symptoms of virtually all maladies and illnesses known to humankind, producing beneficial effects in each case. It can work concurrently with all therapeutic or medical techniques, helping to relieve the side effects and promoting recovery.

Reiki is simple to learn, the ability to use it not being taught in the normal sense, but rather transferred from teacher to student in the duration of Reiki classes. Reiki skills are passed on in the course of an ‘attunement’ conducted by reiki masters, allowing students access to unlimited supplies of healing energy, empowering them to improve their own health as well as others’, giving them the skills to enhance the general quality of life.

The use of Reiki does not depend on a practitioner’s intellectual abilities or degree of spiritual development, being, as a result, available to all who are willing to receive. Reiki has successfully been taught to a vast multitude of people of varying ages and from different backgrounds.

Reiki may be spiritual in its nature, but it is by no means a religion, possessing no dogmas, requiring no supernatural beliefs before you can learn how to use it. Reiki does not depend on any belief; it will work regardless of whether or not you believe it will. Reiki has a divine origin, coming from God. Therefore, people of all faiths use it, finding that it enriches their relationship with their existing religious beliefs in a visceral rather than intellectual way.

Reiki is a religion, but it still teaches us to act and live in ways that promote harmony with ourselves and others. Advanced Reiki practitioners promote the living of life based on ethical ideals, ideas that promote harmony and peace, ideals which are universal amongst nearly all cultures.

Learn more with Reiki for Beginners.


Astral Projection

History of Out-of-Body Experiences a.k.a Astral Travel

Ancient philosophies and belief systems presuppose the presence of what is known as the “astral body,” taken to be another word for the soul. The astral body is believed capable of traveling through the astral plane, observing the conscious intention of the traveler, a process generally referred to as ‘astral projection.’ The astral body, a faint body, is believed to be capable of hovering over the practitioners’ environment, or to travel all over the world, even beyond the spans of time, taking the practitioner to place whatever his/her intuition seeks. Practitioners of astral travel retain awareness of extracting their consciousness out of their physical bodies and returning it back once they have completed their travels. 

Performing Astral Projection

A good time to start attempting this is early in the morning, around dawn, when you are still drowsy. Having said that, it is possible to perform astral travel at any given time, provided you achieve the right state.

Astral travel requires a deeply relaxed state of you, to create the right atmosphere for this, an atmosphere devoid of other people and distracting sights or sounds. Close the windows, draw the curtains, and, if you sleep with a partner, go to another room before attempting to do this.


Enter into a hypnotic state, approaching sleep without losing consciousness. Concentrate on a body part, such as your toes, and mentally tense and relax its muscles without moving physically, until it actually feels as though the body part is moving. Let your attention expand to your whole body, moving it with your mind in its entirety. 

At this point, many people report that they feel waves of vibrations at varying frequencies. Do not fear these vibrations, as fear may disturb your hypnotic state. Succumb to these vibrations instead; they mark a soul prepared to leave the body.

At this point, you are ready to start astral travel. Use the mind to separate the astral body from the physical body. Imagine yourself in the room you’re lying in. Stand up in your mind, and survey yourself lying in the room. This point requires a lot of practice for some practitioners, whereas to others it comes naturally. This is the point where your soul extricates itself from your body.

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