lycanthropy origin

The Folklore of Lycanthropy

Many of us grew up watching movies or shows that represented werewolves. Some memorable films include the the Underworld series, Twilight series, pr the classic werewolf series starring Lon Chaney. The mythological beast has been feared by many over the generations. There have been myths recorded that characterized these dangerous wolves. Some are a combination of wolves and humans. The bloodthirsty beasts do not have any control when it comes to killing animals and people.

Another name for a werewolf is a lycanthrope. It is a folkloric creature that can transform into a wolf or a wolf-like animal. The shapeshifting can either be on purpose or due to a curse. The transformation typically occurs during a full moon. Besides possessing the natural characteristics of humans and wolves, werewolves also have remarkable speed and strength. Most people believe that the werewolf is a European myth. However, its lore has spread to just about every corner of the globe. Modern fiction is filled with tales about werewolves.

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