imbolc traditions

Imbolc: A Wiccan Holiday

Imbolc is an important Wiccan holiday that lets us know that spring is on the horizon. It is a pagan holiday, which is celebrated from the 1st of February to the 2nd of February every year. Imbolc is ingrained in Celtic tradition and is a pre-Christian holiday that highlights winter and the emergence of sunlight. It marks the changing of seasons. Wiccans, as well as neo-pagan practitioners, celebrate the holiday. 

Imbolc Origins

The British Isles is home to Imbolc celebrations. It has been celebrated in the region since before Christianity arrived. Irish literature has mentioned Imbolc since the beginning of the 10th Century. The holiday has been observed and memorialized through poetry. The Wiccan holiday is said to mark the beginning of the sheep breeding cycle as well as lactation. The main idea behind the holiday is that of rebirth.  Continue reading