how to get through emotional trauma

Overcoming Trauma

Psychological trauma can take a toll on your mental health. Studies reveal that close to 70 percent of adults go through some kind of traumatic event in their lifetime. Many people tend to develop post-traumatic disorder. The reason behind this is that trauma is very difficult to process. It has a full impact on our lives. However, there are certain things that we can do to overcome trauma.

Minimize Exposure

The first thing that you need to do to overcome trauma is minimize exposure. No matter what might be the trigger, you have to eliminate it from your life. If your best friend keeps bringing up a sensitive topic, it is important that you let them know that you do not want to talk about it. 

Similarly, if there is something in your home that brings you back to a difficult part in your life, you should throw it away.

Accept How You Feel

Next, you need to accept your feelings. When you experience traumatic stress, you will experience all types of difficult emotions such as guilt, anger, and shock. You need to accept your emotions and realize that it is truly to react when you lose something or go through a tough time. Accept your feelings and allow yourself to be free. Let yourself mourn for any losses.

Challenge Yourself

Now, if you truly want to overcome trauma, you have to challenge yourself. Stop feeling helpless and take positive action to get over hopelessness and fear. Even the smallest of actions bring about a huge impact in your life. You can volunteer and connect with others to come out of the tragedy and live life.

Get Moving

When it comes to traumatic stress, many of us lack the desire to move. However, if you want to overcome trauma, you will need to get moving. There is no other way around it. Exercise and burn off those extra calories to release fell-good endorphins. 

It will boost your mood and make you more mindful about what is going on in your life. Try exercise and add a fun activity into your life to boost your energy and motivation levels.

Reach Out

Post traumatic disorder can result in you wanting to withdraw from social activities and friends. However, if you want to recover, you have to connect face to face with people. Even something as simple as talking to someone face to face can provide you with much-needed relief. It is not necessary to discuss your traumatic experience with others. Simply reaching out will make you feel better.

Focus on Stress Reduction

Although a certain amount of stress is not harmful, it is important that you focus on stress reduction activities to recover from a tragic event or disaster. Too much of stress is bad for your health. You will need to meditate, go for a walk, and sleep to recover.