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Fight Procrastination Right Now

Procrastination is all about putting things on hold for later. Postponing tasks so you don’t have to do them right now. For many people, procrastination is a cute little quirk in their personality. These are the people that exclaim “I’m such a procrastinator!” when actually they spend a few moments taking a break at work. For someone who struggles with completing the smallest of tasks because their procrastination habit doesn’t allow them, it can be a serious hurdle in your career and a deterrent to a healthy work ethic.

Procrastination may seem like a daunting entity itself but it isn’t’ impossible to overcome. Here are a few approaches you can curb your procrastination to build a better-disciplined life.

Effective Planning

Procrastinators love to plan. Part of the reason is that planning involved no actual work, you trick yourself into thinking planning for something is kind of like doing a part of it.
Doing tasks or getting work done for procrastinators is a huge, scary, daunting task. Procrastinators are looking for instant gratification, work that requires not a lot of effort but enough to justify just laying back to relax. Effective, realistic planning is something procrastinators should practice.
Deconstruct hurdles in your mind. If you want to work out to get fit, the thought of going to the gym every day for a long time may seem too huge to handle. But thinking like a 45-minute brick to a house you’ll eventually turn into a house might help. Procrastinators are visionaries and love to think of what they’ll do or have. It is all about laying those bricks and have visible progress.

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International Day of Peace

How It Should Be Celebrated
The international day of peace is about every human residing in any of the countries around the world. It should be a day celebrated devoid of political agenda, violence, hatred, and stereotyping. If you are considering celebrating the International Day of Peace, below are ways you can fulfill your role on this day and involve others too.
Volunteer at Events and Organizations
With something as big as the International Day of Peace coming up, countless events will be prepared around the world and even in your country. Volunteer at any of these events and organizations to contribute your part on this day. This day is not about individuality, instead, it promotes the essence of togetherness and community activities; hence, take along your friends and family members with you as well.
The Minute of Silence
The International Day of Peace is also characterized by what we’ve lost in the past including loved ones through war. This day is specifically held to have us realize our past mistakes and how much we are actually similar to each other i.e. the people we harm are similar to our own kind. The one-minute silence, though short, is a riveting spectacle where people around the world go quiet at 12 pm noon for 60 seconds.

Learning the Word Peace in Other Languages
As peace day is something whose celebration is no hostage of borders and the differences they hold; hence, to show that you are celebrating peace as part of the earth and not as a citizen of a country, there are gestures you could use. If you wish to convey your peace day felicitations all around the world, the best way to do is to convey the message in the particular country’s language. Updating statuses and making posters with another country’s symbol of peace would be a great way to promote peace and participate as an individual.
Cook a Traditional Dish of another Country
Food is what unites us the most in the world. Our basic desire for survival is what gives rise to imports and exports in a country. If you’re a foodie, there’s a specific way you can celebrate the International Day of Peace with food. Cook up a traditional dish from any country you like. In this way, you will get an insight into what traditions and cultures the dish is based on. This little gesture would spread a connection of love for that country through food, which no border can prevent from spreading.
International Day of Peace is an important day, celebrate it wisely and learn to settle your differences. On that note, what a wonderful time it is to have North Korea and South Korea end the war between them and serve as an example for other nations to bury the hatchet and unite over a collective journey towards peace.

Changing Facebook Display with International Day of Peace Frame
Another way to show your support and the importance of this Day of Peace has for you is by changing your Facebook displays. Facebook is in itself a community characterized by interactions on a global level. In this way, we are aware of people and their reasons for suffering all around the world, it makes us realize that we are not much different. The profile picture frame update could send a message to your friends of respect. Also, by doing this you are representing that your country and its people are peace-loving as well.


National Pet Memorial Day

Our little furry friends sometimes become such huge members of our lives and leave us with some of our best memories when they depart. They are more than just pets for some people, they are friends, children or just companions. They fill the void in our lives with love and loyalty. So it becomes even more difficult when we have to depart with them.
National Pet Memorial Day was established by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories to commemorate the love and friendship of these lovely animals that have now left the world. Here are ways you can celebrate the National Pet Memorial Day and relive some old memories of your old friend.

Go Through Old Pictures

A great way to remember old times with your old pet is to go through your old pictures of them with you. It is more of a kick start to your brain to remember the good times you had with them. Usually, all we need is a little reminder to jog our memory and pictures do just that.
Collect all the pictures you find of your pet and make them into one large scrapbook so that whenever you need to go down memory lane with your pet, you can always just look up this scrapbook. You could also put a bunch of your favorite pictures of you and your pet on online social media platforms. Instagram and Snapchat especially favor pictorial content. With your posts, you could also encourage everyone in your friends to do the same and raise awareness for National Pet Memorial Day while you are at it!

Other Ways to Commemorate

There are a plethora of ways you can celebrate the memory of your furry friend. Planting a tree near on top of the grave of your old pet is away people keep the memory of their pet fresh in your mind. It does not necessarily have to be a tree; it could be any plant. The point of it would be to remind yourself of the times you had with your pet every time you look at the plant. The life force of your pet would also fuel the plant’s growth, so even in the next life, your friend is giving you some solace.

Donate to an Animal Rescue Organization

There are still countless animals in pounds around the world without a home of their own. These poor creatures are neglected and receive no love until and unless someone adopts them. What you can do is to donate to some of these animal pounds or organizations so that they can take better help of the animals.
If you cannot do so with money, then basic pet needs like pet food, water and blankets will do. You could also volunteer to help at the pound and spend some quality time with the neglected animals. This is honestly one of the best ways you could honor your best friend!


Curbing Your Dog’s Chewing

Your furry friend is your chosen best friend and faithful confidant such that you want to keep them in your lives as long as you can. But just like in any life partner, there are certain character traits you wish you could change. If it’s your human better half that needs to change, it would be a lot tougher to make happen and even if it does you’ll be on the suffering end of the bargain. However, if it’s something about your furry friend you wish to change, their incessant chewing habit, then it’s possible with almost no repercussions at all.
If your dog has the horrid habit to chew everything and anything in its path, such that it has you worrisome, fret no more for below are effective ways for your dog to limit it’s chewing on just its food.

Pay Attention from the Beginning

If your furry friend is new to your life and household, it is the ideal time to work on training him to be a good dog. If it’s a puppy, their curiosity will always get the best of them and because of this, you might find them probing and poking everything in their “pawsible” (possible) paths. To avoid and curb down their curiosity game, keep a strict eye on them and if you find them up to something, call them out on it. If you show strictness on certain things, your dog will understand and stop doing it.

Avoid Giving Your Dog Your Stuff

Often many dog owners make this mistake, which costs them more than they bargained on. Giving your old shoes, socks, clothes or towels to your dog is you telling them it’s okay to chew on items of this kind. In this way, when your dog is finished with the socks and towels you gave, they will most likely go on the hunt for similar items around the house and chew the life out of them. So be sure to avoid leading your pet on with chewing stuff because they will definitely bite off more than they can chew!

Give Your Dog Their Daily Quota for Play

If you were initially excited when your dog came, such that you spent hours playing with them and giving them attention. Though now, as the time has passed, and playing with your furry friend has become a thing of the ancient era. Here, it is likely that your dog will indulge in its own entertainment activities. You won’t even notice a particular entertainment indulgence of your dog until you find their chewing artwork or catch them red-handed. To avoid this, play as much as you can with your dog during the day so the rest of the day they remain tired or sleeping.
Dogs have a wonderful ability to being trained and learning to follow their owner’s commands. If you train them right, they’ll offer you countless face licks and won’t chew your expensive furniture in return!


Reiki Healing

Reiki refers to a technique of Japanese origin, designed to reduce stress, promote relaxation and result in healing. It’s administered through the hands, predicated on the belief in an invisible ‘life for energy’ flowing through each and every one of us, an energy that results in our being alive in the first place. Should the ‘life force energy’ or a person below, the person is likelier to feel stressed out or to become ill; should this energy be high, the person is likely to be healthy and happy.

‘Reiki’ the word is composed of two words in Japanese, the first ‘Rei’ meaning ‘Higher Power or God’s Wisdom,’ the second, ‘Ki’ meaning ‘life force energy.’ Reiki is, therefore ‘life force energy guided by God’s wisdom.’

A Reiki treatment is a wonderful experience, making clients feel a glowing radiance flowing around them and through them. Reiki not only treats people’s physical bodies but their spirits and minds as well, addressing their emotional needs, producing a plethora of beneficial effects, including relaxation, resulting in peaceful feelings, feelings of well-being and security. A number of reiki clients have reported miraculous experiences and results.

Reiki is a safe, natural and simply technique offering spiritual healing as well as self-improvement, available for use by everyone. It has helped alleviate the symptoms of virtually all maladies and illnesses known to humankind, producing beneficial effects in each case. It can work concurrently with all therapeutic or medical techniques, helping to relieve the side effects and promoting recovery.

Reiki is simple to learn, the ability to use it not being taught in the normal sense, but rather transferred from teacher to student in the duration of Reiki classes. Reiki skills are passed on in the course of an ‘attunement’ conducted by reiki masters, allowing students access to unlimited supplies of healing energy, empowering them to improve their own health as well as others’, giving them the skills to enhance the general quality of life.

The use of Reiki does not depend on a practitioner’s intellectual abilities or degree of spiritual development, being, as a result, available to all who are willing to receive. Reiki has successfully been taught to a vast multitude of people of varying ages and from different backgrounds.

Reiki may be spiritual in its nature, but it is by no means a religion, possessing no dogmas, requiring no supernatural beliefs before you can learn how to use it. Reiki does not depend on any belief; it will work regardless of whether or not you believe it will. Reiki has a divine origin, coming from God. Therefore, people of all faiths use it, finding that it enriches their relationship with their existing religious beliefs in a visceral rather than intellectual way.

Reiki is a religion, but it still teaches us to act and live in ways that promote harmony with ourselves and others. Advanced Reiki practitioners promote the living of life based on ethical ideals, ideas that promote harmony and peace, ideals which are universal amongst nearly all cultures.

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