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Curbing Your Dog’s Chewing

Your furry friend is your chosen best friend and faithful confidant such that you want to keep them in your lives as long as you can. But just like in any life partner, there are certain character traits you wish you could change. If it’s your human better half that needs to change, it would be a lot tougher to make happen and even if it does you’ll be on the suffering end of the bargain. However, if it’s something about your furry friend you wish to change, their incessant chewing habit, then it’s possible with almost no repercussions at all.
If your dog has the horrid habit to chew everything and anything in its path, such that it has you worrisome, fret no more for below are effective ways for your dog to limit it’s chewing on just its food.

Pay Attention from the Beginning

If your furry friend is new to your life and household, it is the ideal time to work on training him to be a good dog. If it’s a puppy, their curiosity will always get the best of them and because of this, you might find them probing and poking everything in their “pawsible” (possible) paths. To avoid and curb down their curiosity game, keep a strict eye on them and if you find them up to something, call them out on it. If you show strictness on certain things, your dog will understand and stop doing it.

Avoid Giving Your Dog Your Stuff

Often many dog owners make this mistake, which costs them more than they bargained on. Giving your old shoes, socks, clothes or towels to your dog is you telling them it’s okay to chew on items of this kind. In this way, when your dog is finished with the socks and towels you gave, they will most likely go on the hunt for similar items around the house and chew the life out of them. So be sure to avoid leading your pet on with chewing stuff because they will definitely bite off more than they can chew!

Give Your Dog Their Daily Quota for Play

If you were initially excited when your dog came, such that you spent hours playing with them and giving them attention. Though now, as the time has passed, and playing with your furry friend has become a thing of the ancient era. Here, it is likely that your dog will indulge in its own entertainment activities. You won’t even notice a particular entertainment indulgence of your dog until you find their chewing artwork or catch them red-handed. To avoid this, play as much as you can with your dog during the day so the rest of the day they remain tired or sleeping.
Dogs have a wonderful ability to being trained and learning to follow their owner’s commands. If you train them right, they’ll offer you countless face licks and won’t chew your expensive furniture in return!