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Divination Using the Tarot

Tarot divination is extremely popular. It is the most common divination practice out there. Interest in tarot divination has only risen with the advent of social media. It is an art form that can seem confusing and elusive. The fundamentals behind tarot divination are relatively simple to understand. The fact is that tarot decks only date back to the 1400s. This means they are a relatively modern craft compared to other divination practices.

Initially, tarot cards were used for games. It was only in 1785 when Jean-Baptise Alliette used playing cards for fortune-telling. He believed in a link between astrology, ancient Egyptian lore, and illustrated cards. The next century saw countless philosophers and mystics expanding the role of tarot. It was only in the late 1890s when the Book T was produced to provide a manual to help people determine the meaning behind each tarot card. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn teachings were used as inspiration by Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith to create a tarot deck in 1909. It is a timeless deck that continues to be used.

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