countess who drank blood

The Blood Countess: Unraveling the Infamous Legacy of Elizabeth Báthory

The name “Elizabeth Báthory” is generally identified as one of history’s most notorious serial killing cases. Born into an aristocratic family in Hungary in 1560, Báthory is reported to have tortured and murdered hundreds of young girls, earning her the moniker “The Blood Countess.” Her evils are shrouded in myth and legend, and her legacy survives as a topic of fascination and horror.
The details of Báthory’s life and crimes are tough to separate from the myths that have developed around them. According to the prevalent tale of the story, Báthory became obsessed with the belief that bathing in the blood of virgins would help preserve her youth and beauty. She is said to have lured young girls to her castle, where she would torture and murder them before draining their blood and bathing in it.

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