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Breaking Bad Habits

Everyone has bad habits. There is nothing wrong with having them. However, we must learn to break them and evolve as we grow older. Bad habits can be in all shapes and sizes. It could be something as apparent as biting your nails, tapping snooze too many times, drinking too much caffeine, and giving people too many chances despite the red flags. There is no denying that breaking bad habits is difficult. But, it is not impossible. Habits form through conscious effort. The following tips will help you overcome them.

Identify Your Triggers

The first thing that you need to do to break a bad habit is to identify your trigger. The fact is that triggers are responsible for forming a pattern. This is why you need to identify what your triggers are. It will allow you to avoid taking the same action every time and regretting it later. Track your habits and understand their patterns. Think about where the habitual behavior occurs, the time of day, how you feel when it happens, if others are involved, and whether it happens right after something else.
For instance, you might have a bad habit of binge-watching a show past midnight. Think about what gets you to watch continuously. It could be the habit of snacking late at night. By cutting down snacking, you could also put an end to staying up late.

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