babalu aye prayer

Babalu Aye – The God Of Diseases

Extremely feared and well-respected, Babalú Aye is the Lord of many diseases. Babalú Aye is also known as Omulu, Azojano, San Lazaro and Shanpana. Often times, he is associated with the sun because the sun is a source of life in some places but also a source of death in some. He is also specifically known as the Lord of Smallpox. Medicines and vaccines have reduced the contraction of smallpox. However, Babalú Aye continues to struck people with diseases such as AIDS/HIV, tuberculosis, Ebola, etc.

Babalú Aye’s Attire

Babalú Aye is a muscular man who covers himself with straw and walks with the help of a staff. The straw he uses to cover himself up is to hide his smallpox. He can make any person sick as a punishment, which is why he is so feared. However, he can also help cure that person, which is why people respect him. No one in the African Diaspora wants to get on the bad side of Babalú Aye and be afflicted with life-threatening diseases.

Many stories and sources will make you perceive Babalú Aye as a feared Orisha. However, Babalú Aye is also a very merciful Orisha. He can cure you as quickly as he can make you contract a disease. Sometimes when people suffer from life-threatening diseases, they wish for death for peace. Babalú Aye helps grant them their wish and helps to guide those souls over to the other side. Babalú Aye is often found in hospitals, hospices, places where people are cured, gyms and the desert as well. Continue reading