autumn equinox beliefs

The Autumn Equinox

Autumn Equinox or Mabon is the time of the year when the harvest starts to wind down. Since the crops are harvested for the coming winter, the fields become nearly empty. Autumn Equinox is the mid-harvest festival when the changing seasons are honored, and the second harvest is celebrated. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, Mabon is celebrated around September 21 and in the Southern Hemisphere around March 21 by Pagans. It is also a Wiccan tradition to give thanks for everything one has, such as blessings and abundant crops. Thus, Mabon is a time of gratitude and sharing with the less fortunate.  

What Is Mabon?

Mabon is named after the Welsh God, who is the son of Modron, the Earth Mother Goddess, and is referred to as the Child of Light. The term Mabon became popular in the 1970s. The counterpart of the Autumn Equinox is the Spring Equinox or Ostara, which is the day of the year when the day and night are in perfect equilibrium. There is a balance between the inner and outer, masculine and feminine, and dark and light. During the Autumn Equinox, the transition is made from light to darkness. It is when the darkness starts to defeat the light. The power of the sun is waning, and the nights would only grow longer from then onward. The days would become cooler and shorter. The green leaves would change their color to orange, red, and gold. Therefore, we will return to a period of darkness. 

Ceremonies and Rituals

The Autumn Equinox is celebrated in many different ways depending on the spiritual path of the individual. However, the main focus is on the balance between the light and darkness or the second harvest. Although the gifts of the earth are celebrated, the fact that soil is dying is also accepted. The crops are dormant, and the warmth has left us as the cold lies ahead. There are a few rituals that you can try out. Keep in mind that little planning will go a long way. The following rituals should be tried.

  • Set a Mabon Food Altar: Since Mabon is all about celebrating the second harvest season, it is essential to gather the bounty from the fields, gardens, and orchards.
  • Create a Mabon Altar: Decorate the altar with symbols and colors of the harvest season to celebrate the Sabbath. 
  • Mabon Balance Meditation: Restore some balance to your life if you are feeling lopsided spiritually by trying out simple mediation. 
  • Autumn Full Moon: It is a group ceremony where the full moon phases are celebrated. 
  • Gratitude Ritual: Follow a short gratitude ritual to express thankfulness to Mabon.
  • Mabon Apple Harvest Rite: Thank the gods for all the blessings by trying this apple ritual. It will allow you to enjoy the earth’s magic. 

The Autumn Equinox is a special time of the year. It is a time of celebration and gratitude. Explore the magic offered by apples and thank the gods for all the bounties.