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Candomblé’s African Deities

Candomblé adherents believe in the mighty God known as Oludumare. He is considered to be the most powerful God. Lesser deities serve him alone. Some of the Creators that follow his command include Inkices, Voduns, and Orixas. When we look at Orixas, it refers to ancestors that were defied. Therefore, the Orixas can come from recent history. Some Orixas can be a hundred years old, while others are more than a thousand years old. The Orixas provide a link through which the world of humans and the spiritual world are connected.

As for Inkices and Voduns, they are spirit gods who are the same as Orixas. The thing about Candomblé is that it is a religion that synthesizes three different African beliefs, such as Voduns, Bantu, Fon, and Yoruba. According to Candomblé practitioners, it is believed that each individual has their own Orixas that control their destiny and protects them. A specific force of nature is represented by each Orixas. It is associated with particular days of the week, animals, colors, or even foods. The personality or character of an individual is highly linked with their Orixas.
In Brazil, Baba Egum refers to the ancestor spirits collectively. Priests and priestesses masquerade during ceremonies as Baba Egum. It is also common for Candomblé adherents to perform specially choreographed dances wherein they expect to get possessed by their ancestor spirit.

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International Festival of the Dahomean Culture

The Internal Festival of the Dahomean Cultures in the last one of the year, lasting ten days. It takes place in Abomey Benin and celebrates the diversity of Benin.

This festival was established to share the way of life of the Dahomean people. Many of them continue to follow the same lifestyle today that had been followed by their ancestors. This reveals just how committed the people are to holding onto their values. Therefore, to highlight the culture of its people, the country of Benin decided to establish the festival.

Held every year during the month of December, anyone who attends the festival will let you know that they had an incredible time. There is just something about the event that you will not find anywhere else. It transports you to a completely different world. You will be blown away by the experience and will get to learn how the Dahomean people do things.

The Dahomean dance is unique and very fun to watch. If you have never been to West Africa, you will be surprised to see such diversity in the moves. The people take great pride in their local dance and are always happy to show off their skills. You are bound to have an amazing time watching the people dance to a tune that you might have not have ever encountered.

The International Festival of the Dahomean Culture is a festival unlike any other. If you want to attend a different festival, it is the perfect festival for you. It will change your point of view on everything and is well worth your time. Hence, you have to attend it.

The atmosphere is festive. There are different traditional costumes, songs, and dances. Performance of various folk songs and stories of the Dahomey Kingdom from which Benin originates. Because of the intertwined history with neighboring countries, the festival attracts spectators from other West African regions.