Our Four Legged Children- The Cat Edition

At the moment, we have four cats and two dogs. Growing up, there always were cats and dogs in our home. Even though I am allergic to them, I still would not give them up.

The queen of our home is Cupcake. Cupcake is a 16 year old Tuxedo. She was given to me as a runt. I had another cat at the time named Sammie, a Cow Cat, who took her under his wing, or paw. They were inseparable. He passed away when he was 10 and she was 7.




When I bought my house, I adopted Midnight. She was a 3-year-old Black long-haired. I gravitate to black cats because no one wants them. She was such a mellow cat. Sad to say, she passed away last year.

The year after I adopted Midnight, I went into our local pet store and they had kittens for adoptions. My mind was made up not to adopt another cat. It was not going to happen. I would not even look in that direction. The woman there asked me if I would like a kitten. I told her no and tried to get away. Then she said, “But look, Sammy likes you. He’s trying to get to you.” You guessed it. Another cat was coming home with me. I felt that Sammie was telling me I needed another.


Later that same year, I adopted Spencer and Princess Anna. My daughter wanted a cat of her own for her birthday. It had to be an orange tabby she saw online. Sad to say, it was gone when I got to the pet store, but I saw Spencer. She fell in love with him. While we were there, there was another kitten, just hiding. I thought she was adorable. A long-haired brown tabby. I was told she was a feral kitten and difficult for anyone to adopt. Challenge accepted. I took her with me. She seemed so regal as if she knew I would cater to her.

I call Sammy, Spencer and Princess Anna the youngsters. Cupcake was 8 when they arrived on the scene and she wasn’t having any of their antics. Now, they are 8 years old. I wonder how they will be when and if I get a pair of kittens. My thought is you don’t get one kitten unless you have a cat that will put up with them. Get them in pairs so they have each other to play with.

Looking to adopt? My motto is “Adopt don’t Shop.”

This is the site I used to find my furry kids.