Many people report seeing the shadow people but do not know what to make of it. Have you ever just been watching TV, and suddenly, you see a shadowy figure next to the television? It is a dark and shadowy figure that might leave you feeling scared and not knowing what to do. It is still up for debate whether shadow people are paranormal or not.


When we talk about shadow people, descriptions of shadowy figures that resemble humans have been found in folklore and religious texts over the centuries across different cultures. According to ancient Islamic theology, these supernatural creatures are called Jinn. “Shadow people” is the modern term that is used for them. It was initially coined by Heidi Hollis, who is a paranormal researcher. She claims that shadow people have always been around and tend to appear as a dark human-shaped silhouettes. It is normal for individuals to dread the dark. The reason behind it is that our eyes can play tricks on us once the lights are low. Even a jacket hanging on the door can seem like a silhouette.

So, What Are Shadow People?

There is no finite answer to what shadow people are. They are more of an enigma and are often considered a collection of negative energy or ghosts. In fact, it is believed that shadow people can appear in various forms and can indicate that someone is experiencing a psychic attack. There may be a connection between extraterrestrial life and shadow people. This also brings people to believe that they might have a correlation with alien abductions. The exact origin of these supernatural creatures is still up for debate. However, being in the presence of shadow people can be outright unsettling. Anyone who reports having seen them confirms feeling scared and uncomfortable.

What Does Science Say About Shadow People?

According to skeptics, seeing shadow people is a sign of sleep paralysis. Suppose you do not know what sleep paralysis is. In that case, it is a medical phenomenon that occurs when someone is in a wakeful and sleeping state. A person may feel fully conscious during sleep paralysis but would be unable to speak or move. It is also common to experience intense dread, suffocation, or hallucinating shadowy figures. Other potential reasons include substance use, sleep deprivation, or heightened emotional state.

What Should You If You See A Shadow Person?

When you come across a shadow person, it is normal to feel afraid. However, it is essential to stay grounded and not overwhelm yourself with fear. The worst thing that a person can do is allow their fear to take over as such entities thrive in negative intent. Therefore, you should pray, call for spiritual protection, or just stay your ground and let the shadow person know that you want it to leave.

Now you know a little bit more about a shadow person. Make sure to stay strong if you do come across a shadow person. Do not allow your fear to overpower you.