Second Quarter Goals (May Update)

I see people buying graduation decorations and then it finally hit me that it’s that time of year again. My youngest graduated two years ago, so keeping track of when school is out has escaped me. I will say though, this school year has gone by quickly. That translates to it’s almost time for our trip this year. I can’t wait!

Cooking for the Orishas, the tenth book in Mojo’s Wiccan Series, is now available for pre-order. With that now completed, I will begin my focus on this year’s Junowrimo



With my days seeming to blur, I have been working hard to keep up with the goals I have set for this quarter.

Write 15000 words a week.
I’m at roughly 2500 words a day. I’m hoping to one day get to 5000 a day. One day.

Complete one 25000 novella every six week.
This has been difficult. The only time I’ve been able to totally focus on one is when I have a day off and it’s a day my husband works. Lately it’s been one day a week instead of the three I got spoiled with. I am 50% through, but it should have been done two weeks ago. That’s what happens when life pops up.

Complete one nonfiction a month
This has always been an easy one. I have more to work on other writing once It’s complete.

3000 Facebook Likes
2487 right now. Still a month to go. I’ve got to push on this one.

2500 Twitter followers
Since I hit my goal of 1500, I decided to add 1000 more for the last two months. At 2264 right now. This is going to be a close one.

200 YouTube subscribers
190 at the present time. Slowly, but surely.

500 Instagram followers
439 and climbing. Starting to get the hang of it.

Purge old clothes
I was doing so well with this and then we had a sale on t-shirts. My weakness. Like I said, I love t-shirts! As I told my husband, I’m preparing for our trip.

Purge old files
I started this and what happened? Hard drive stopped working. Started to get hot. Neither my son or I was able to access it. Instant paperweight. Some things I was about to find since I didn’t finish deleted the duplicates, but some, gone forever. Next thing is to back up my music. Almost 70 gigs of music I would really hate to lose.

Organize pictures.
Divided them by children and grands. My husband just gave me some that were in in mom’s possession of when he was little growing up in Poland. He was so adorable. Scratch that, he still is!

Planning vacation
Itinerary completed. Now, who’s going to take care of our four cats and two dogs? I really think we should board them this time around. My children work many hours and doesn’t seem right to ask them. Besides, if Sammy has his way, he’d eat all day.

Until my next post…

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