Second Quarter Goals 2017


I’ve been busy trying to get all the ideas that were in my head completed. Right now, I’m probably good until this time this year. I have many stories coming as well as a few more non fiction books.

With all of that, here goes my next quarter goals.



Drum roll please! I looked over my last quarter goals and though they were probably unrealistic, I still wanted to go gung ho. As Norman Vincent Peale said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” So even if I don’t make them, I will keep on pushing. So, here are my goals for the second quarter of 2017.

Write 15000 words a week.
Last quarter I was going for 10000 words a week. Going to bump it up another 5000. Yes, it’s bold, This is basically 1428 words a day. I’m going to round it up to 1500. I do work part time just so that I can keep moving around. I spent a year writing and gained 30 pounds after I had lost 35 before I left my old job. I have a set amount of hours to write a day, but when I’m not scheduled to go in, I add half of those hours to writing.

Complete one 25000 novella every six week.
I have several series that are just percolating in my brain going to my dump file. You will see them being publish regularly.

Complete one nonfiction a month
At the moment I have several in the outline stage. I will be adding more titles to each series.

3000 Facebook likes
This is something I really need. It’s a big goal, but I know I will hit it!

1500 Twitter followers.
I was able to hit my goal from last quarter. My final goal for the year is to double if from last year goal. Game on!

200 YouTube subscribers
This is the same as last quarter’s goal. My YouTube channel still has it’s training wheels. Learning as I go.

500 Instagram followers
This is the same as last quarter’s goal. This is another that still has it’s training wheels, but I’m getting it.

Purge old clothes
I really hate to toss away clothes. Even if I know more than likely I won’t wear it again. Taking a deep breath. Tough days are when they are when t-shirts on sale. I love t-shirts!

Purge old files
I basically work with a desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Welcome to the world of technology. I see the same file names everywhere.

Organize pictures.
With five children, two grandchildren along with cousins, their children etc. I have thousands of pictures. My father had eight siblings, while my mother has seven. Can we say big family? I have sort, before I scan.

Planning vacation
My husband hates when I say “plan.” But it is what it is. I am a planner. At least his days are approved. Time to get to the itinerary.

That’s it for now. Time to prepare for another day.

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