We can build strength by saying no. Don’t worry—we wouldn’t send you out there with just a word!
Here are 10 tips to help you say no, and to do it without the guilt that accompanies the word.

Assess Your Limits

Setting boundaries for work, family, dating, finances, and social life are essential.
How should we proceed? We examine our limits before expanding them.

Take time to contemplate and journal about your boundaries. Ask yourself these:

  • What if I kept these boundaries?
  • What obstacles must I overcome?
  • What sort of help do I require?

Thinking through these will keep you calm.

State Your Rejection Clearly

Right? However, niceties sometimes distract us. Consider the consequences of saying yes or no. Would adding another task or attending an event you do not want to make you feel overwhelmed?
Will they respect your boundaries if you politely decline? Complete the scenario.

Expect Reactions

We’ll admit that not everyone will appreciate your ability to say no. Some people will be very supportive, others not so much.
Some may claim your time, energy, space, and rights. They may feel obligated to you despite your boundaries. When you say no, these people may get angry. Unfortunately, it would be best if you prepared for it mentally.
When people approach you with “a favor to ask,” draw a line. Saying no may disappoint or upset them, but it sets a boundary for the future. Stand firm when your boundaries are tested.

Record Your Progress

Reflect on the reactions and process. Question yourself.

  • What made me feel like I can’t set healthy boundaries?
  • What’s keeping me from setting boundaries?
  • Is it wrong to set boundaries?

We all want to be loved and accepted by others, but the most important thing is to love ourselves by being true to our needs.

Be Determined

You will feel more in control and comfortable when you set boundaries. Boundaries boost self-esteem, calmness, and confidence.
People often can’t say “no” because of their self-image. They worry about upsetting someone or taking the easy way out. Listen to that inner voice that whispers one or more of these fear-based statements and reframe them.

Remove Your Emotions

This is extremely difficult. Avoid your emotions? “They think I can do that?” you might be thinking. Yep. We think you can do it!
Reassessing your situation can help you emotionally. This lets you imagine the relationship or environment you would create if you had no outside influences.
Think about your ideal situation, and work to create it by creating boundaries.


It might be stressful to refuse. If you’ve refused to interact with someone who is reactive, you’re undoubtedly under a lot of stress.
It can be challenging to take care of yourself the way it seems on Pinterest or Instagram. How you treat yourself matters. Are you being good to yourself? Are you allowing yourself time, forgiveness, and grace? Do you have faith in your ability to make room for the things you find joy in?
You will experience greater harmony and happiness within yourself and your life if you practice more self-care. Self-care won’t always be simple, but it will get easier over time.

Just Trust Yourself

Embrace your instincts. Please pay attention to what it has to say. In our experience, it is almost always right. Please pay attention to what it affirms and denies. This inner voice is trustworthy because it wants to protect you.
Your stress levels will significantly decrease, and your level of satisfaction will substantially increase if you let this take care of you.
Your boundaries will constantly be tested, even if you do everything right. We believe in you. You have the tools and strength to say no.
Go get ’em, tiger! It is time to start saying no with ease.