Reviews and Dealing with Haters

First off, criticism from haters has nothing to do with hating you. For whatever reason, with the Internet, negative people seem more bent to comment than those who are positive. So while a handful of harsh comments can make you think the world hates your book, don’t be intimidated. It’s possible just a few individuals.

Taylor Swift’s song goes through my head each time, and I simply “Shake it Off.” Remember, reading is all about understanding the reader and not so often about the author.

It’s The Nature Of The Business

As difficult as it may be, don’t be defensive. If you must react to the haters, then do so with courtesy. Shock them. You might even transform them into a fan. Being sincere lets them realize you care, which is what many individuals are actually searching. If niceness doesn’t work, then politely withdraw from the scene they are struggling to create.

You Might Want To, But Don’t Take It Personally

Just because someone didn’t appreciate your book doesn’t mean they don’t like you as a person. Enjoy that they had the time to read your book and leave a review. Accept the comment as valuable criticism. It’ll only make you a stronger writer!

Stay True To Yourself

Reviews can provide you valuable observation, but if they are not politely helping you recognize and amend something you did wrong, overlook them. Don’t write for the haters, write for you. Do what you need to do for yourself and your career because people will chastise you no matter what you do.

Personally, I love comments. It shows the book is being read, what was lacking, and I how I can make the next one better.

Keep It Moving

If you concentrate on the criticism and negativity, your creativity might become blocked by outrage and uncertainty, which will distract you from your objectives. When the haters attack, apply that as an indication to recommit to your work and focus on the path ahead of you. Don’t let the rude comments keep you from creating and speaking about your book. Instead, let them give you the incentive to continue working.

Don’t let haters steal your joy. You can fret and obsess over the review, or you can let it go (sing it Elsa!) and move on to do what you love to do.

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