Yoruba culture is very unique. It has had a major influence on the African diaspora. Starting from Nigeria, the religion is practiced all the way in New York. The fact is that Yoruba practices can be felt just about everywhere in the New World. When we look at the celebrations, it is important to know about Esu who is the most powerful god. He is the shape shifter or trickster and is the crossroads to everything. Therefore, it is important to appease him through offerings.
Through Esu, the adherents of the religion can enter the world. The journey of Africans across the Americas was extremely difficult. They had to endure tremendous suffering. The best thing about the Yoruba religion is the fact that everyone is equal. Slaves had disguised their deities and preserved them as Catholic saints.

Major Holidays
There are plenty of local festivals that are dedicated to different deities. Every celebration reveals just how rich and diverse the Yoruba land is. The Yoruba religion is widely followed in Nigeria. Anyone can experience it through the practices and celebrations. People from across the globe visit Nigeria for a chance to participate and watch the festivals. There is plenty of entertainment at each festival including music and dance. The following festivals are celebrated in Nigeria.

Eyo Festival
One of the most popular Yoruba celebrations is the Eyo Festival. It is done in the Lagos state. The costume dancers that are the main highlight of the festival are known as Eyo. The festival began in order to escort the dead Lagos king and paved the way for the new king to take hold. Despite the fact that most Yoruba followers have converted to Islam and Christianity, the Eyo festival is the highlight of the year in Nigeria. It helps generate massive revenue.

Igogo Festival
Another festival that you need to know about is the Igogo Festival. It is held in Owo every year. The festival honors Queen Orosen who is the wife of the ancient Oluwo. September is when the festival is held. It lasts for about 17 days. During this time, the high chiefs dress up as women wearing caps, head gears, coral beads, and beaded gowns.

Lagos Black Heritage Festival
Since Nigeria is the most-populated black African nation in the world, the Lagos Black Heritage Festival is held in honor of this fact. It is held in Lagos each year to highlight the colorful culture of the Lagos state. The celebrations help showcase the richness and diversity of African heritage. There are various practices during the event. Participants will come across troops dressed up in stunning costumes. There are all types of entertainment at the event including music, dance, photo exhibitions, paintings, and drama.

Yoruba practices and celebrations are diverse. They shed light at just how unique Africa is. People from across the globe visit the festivals to participate in what makes Africa the motherland of civilization. It is important that more and more people learn about the Yoruba culture.