This series will guide you through navigating your new life path, with simple steps to manifesting a life you desire.

You’ll learn how the whole world around us based on the Universal Laws of Nature, the driving force between everything in our past and our future. By discovering the true meaning of these laws and how they work to your advantage, you can create the life of your dreams.

Next, you’ll be encouraged to dive deep and do the work on your inner child and “shadow” work, uncovering what’s keeping you stuck and holding you back. As you heal your soul wounds and release what no longer serves you, you’ll be ready to move forward on your path to help others.

Finally, you’ll learn what type of lightworker you are, and how your gifts can be used for the greater good. By teaching yourself the skills necessary to perform lightwork and spiritual practice, you’ll soon be ready to expand your energetic reach.

The Life on Fire Series is ideal for anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge of their intuition and spiritual gifts, and is recommended reading to start your own journey.