MARCH 2017

I have been suffering from what I call writer’s procrastination. I have plenty to write. Enough to get me well into next year.  I seem to have a hard time making myself sit down to do it. When I do sit down, I find other things that catch my attention. Oh look, a new crochet pattern!

I think that sometimes the trouble is not that I do not want to write but that I know when I get into a creative flow state, which is usually when I have to stop. In addition, do you know what?  It can be physically painful for me. When totally focused on one task, switching gears is never easy. I work part time, there are days when I am scheduled for mornings, and sometimes it is mid-day.

I am not going to let it get me down. Yes, I am not writing as fast or as much as I know I can, but I will keep going. So stay on the lookout for new book trailers and book releases.



Write 15000 words a week.
Done, but I was getting it on the weekends last month. Really need to spread it out throughout the week.

Complete one 25k novella every six week.
Catching up with the videos really took most of my time, so the remainder of the month will be spent completing work in progress.

Complete one nonfiction a month
I had weekends off in February and with husband working weekends, I was able to get two completed, so I’m good for this month and next month.

2500 Facebook likes
Currently at 2345

1500 Twitter followers.
Currently at 1252

150 YouTube subscribers
Currently at 89. Looking for an increased with my latest book being released.

Stay current with book trailers.
So happy I’m finished until May. I stressed at having these done.

500 Instagram followers
Currently at 351 followers

Purge old clothes
My biggest holdouts are the coats. As I tell my husband, we live in Florida. The most I’ve put on is a sweatshirt this winter. He has five big coats (before we married he lived in Michigan when his mom stayed in Florida. She was a typical “Snowbird.” He was willing to let go of one

Purge old files
Still a work in progress. After talking with my son, I’ve decided to build another computer with a NAS (Network Attached Storage). He pointed out that I could access to my files with all my computers. I’ll still have the backup of flash drives. Probably why I had the same file three times.

Organize pictures.
Just found some pictures of my husband growing up in Poland. They are all in black and white. Think I’m going to surprise him with a frame with some of them.

Planning vacation
We finally decided on which days to go. Put in my time off and it’s been approved. Waiting on husband to get his done.


Until next month,