How to Stay Focus


These are just a few things I use to keep me focus on my writing:

1. Write. Write. Write. Wait a minute… write. So what are you going to do? Right. As I tell my husband, working on my newsletter is still considered to be writing.

2. Don’t edit. I know you’re thinking, but it sucks. So. You can grab that red pen and edit your heart out when you’ve completed your manuscript.

3. Use an outline. A novel outline is simply plan or road map for your novel. You can type up your outline with Roman numerals, make a chronological event list. Whatever works for you. I have different colored Post Its. A different color per chapter. There are authors who don’t outline at all. They just sit down and write. But then they might rewrite the most afterwards.

4. Set achievable goals. A 400 page book novel is about 100,000 words. If you type 250 words a day (1 page), you’ll complete your manuscript in 400 days. 1,000 words a day (4 pages), done in 100 days. 5,000 words… BAM! 20 days. Find what works for you and once you’re comfortable with it, do a little more.

5. Read. Read what you like to write. Read to learn more about writing or anything else you’re interested in. Just read. I’m starting DSLR PHOTOGRAPHY: From Beginner to Professional (you can click here for more info). I’m finally going to use the Nikon I bought about a year ago.

6. Avoid distractions. I think this was the most difficult thing for me. Since Supernatural is on for four hours every weekday. My cellphone is on “Mute.” Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc. are done before I get out of bed. Once I’m down those stairs, it’s time to work. I can stream Supernatural, so if I finish early…

7. The writing bubble. For many writers, we need to create in the “perfect” atmosphere. A comfy chair, neat desk, even music. I can’t write in silence. I also can’t write with the television on. Well, I could, but not get as much as I would want done. I’ve started listening to the 80’s station on satellite radio. Glad nobody can see my chair dance moves. My desk isn’t that neat, but it’s better than it usually is.

Lastly, record your progress. See how far you’ve come. I do a happy dance if I hit 15,000 words in a week.

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