Finding What to Write


One of the first and most significant choices for each writer is deciding what to write about. Reaching this decision can feel overpowering time and again for the reason that long-held thinking we have about what it signify to be a writer. A lot of people think that authors merely have ideas that occur to them or, worse yet, that authors are so gifted that they are able to create something extraordinary that has never been seen or considered of before.

In truth, neither situation is totally accurate. For the most part, authors choose what to write about from observing their personal lives and concerns or by observing the work of other authors and creating parts of current material into something new and separate.

Writing on the subject of things you know and take an interest in is significant for numerous reasons. First, it typically makes writing much easier: if you are writing from your own capabilities, you can devote more resources on inserting imaginative surprises to a story that at the present time exists. Second, if you are writing about something you are concern about, you typically have an innate sense of the subject and will have more information from which to write. Picking issues or capabilities that you have a soft spot for will improve that which simply only you can create.

Several approaches for coming up with ideas for writing are:

1. Make a list of subjects or ideas that you are fascinated in.
2. Think of a strong emotion.
3. Go to a public place and watch the people around you.
3. Think about taking a course or connecting to a group to meet other writers.
4. Keep a personal journal.
5. Keep a dream journal.
6. Change the monsters from your bad dreams into disturbing antagonists for your short stories or novels
7. Pick up where the authors that you enjoy left off at or think of how the story could be retold from a different character’s standpoint.
8. Read, read, read.

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