Fight Procrastination Right Now

Procrastination is all about putting things on hold for later. Postponing tasks so you don’t have to do them right now. For many people, procrastination is a cute little quirk in their personality. These are the people that exclaim “I’m such a procrastinator!” when actually they spend a few moments taking a break at work. For someone who struggles with completing the smallest of tasks because their procrastination habit doesn’t allow them, it can be a serious hurdle in your career and a deterrent to a healthy work ethic.

Procrastination may seem like a daunting entity itself but it isn’t’ impossible to overcome. Here are a few approaches you can curb your procrastination to build a better-disciplined life.

Effective Planning

Procrastinators love to plan. Part of the reason is that planning involved no actual work, you trick yourself into thinking planning for something is kind of like doing a part of it.
Doing tasks or getting work done for procrastinators is a huge, scary, daunting task. Procrastinators are looking for instant gratification, work that requires not a lot of effort but enough to justify just laying back to relax. Effective, realistic planning is something procrastinators should practice.
Deconstruct hurdles in your mind. If you want to work out to get fit, the thought of going to the gym every day for a long time may seem too huge to handle. But thinking like a 45-minute brick to a house you’ll eventually turn into a house might help. Procrastinators are visionaries and love to think of what they’ll do or have. It is all about laying those bricks and have visible progress.

Doing What Was Planned

Like we said, procrastinators love to dream of the work they’ll be doing in the future and the things they’ll get out of it. It’s isn’t the concept of work that scares them. Say you’ve done the effective planning and managed things out for an appropriate time. The biggest struggle for any procrastinator is applying what he wants to achieve. Often they’ll do a half-hearted job where they’re sort of pleased with what they achieved. Deep inside, they know have done better work.

Getting Started

The part that gets you the most is starting a task. To start a task, you must put down all distractions and focus. Working through this phase is the hardest. Once you’re through and work for long enough, you enter a flow state. You get so immersed in the work you’re doing you lose track of time.
This way you’ll feel gratification and an immense feeling of accomplishment, not the muddy “I guess I did okay” sort of feeling.
Procrastination is a nasty habit but it isn’t something you can’t get out of. There are simple steps, building blocks to help you get out of it, you just have to sort of getting around to it!
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