Trinidad and Tobago are one of the most diverse places on the planet. It is a Caribbean country that is known for its partying scene. The locals enjoy every moment in life. It is due to this fact a ton of festivals is celebrated every year. People of all religions consider Trinidad and Tobago their home. No event passes without huge festivals being held in their honor. There are thirteen public holidays in this spectacular country that has some of the best beaches in the region.

The public holidays embody the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country. They acknowledge Muslims, Hindus, Roman Catholics, and other religions. There is a public debate every year regarding a public holiday to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Carnival is held every year and is treated as a public holiday even though it is not recognized as such. This post provides a break-up of the festivals celebrated in this Caribbean country as below.

January marks the carnival season in the country. The first fete is held during the month. The Soca in Mika is a huge celebration where calypso tents are placed, and competitions are held. The Harvest Festival is also held during January. It is a time to feast and party.
The Harvest Festival continues in February. There is a ton of partying and feasting in Bon Accord, Adelphi, and Hope. The same month is witness to the most famous festival Carnival being celebrated nationwide.
The Harvest Festival and Phagwah are celebrated in March. Locals feast and party during this time, and Indians participate in Phagwah celebrations. It focuses on the arrival of spring. Goat races are also held in March, followed by the Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament, the Shouter Baptist Liberation Day, Turtle Season, and Easter Weekend.

La Divina Pastora is a Christian holiday which is followed by the Pont Fortin Borough Day, Pan in the 21st Century band competition, and Tobago Jazz Experience in April.
The Indian Arrival Day is celebrated on May 30th when the first Indian laborers arrived in Trinidad in 1845.
We Beat, Corpus Christi, Labor Day, and St. Peter’s Day are celebrated in June to full frenzy.

The Tobago Heritage Festival is held in July all over the island in celebration of the diversity of the country.
The Great Fete, Emancipation Day, the Great Race, Santa Rosa Festival, and Independence Day are celebrated in August. August 31st is the day that Trinidad and Tobago became free from Britain in 1962.
The month of September is all about the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival. The San Fernando Jazz Festival follows it. It is a time of the year when the country experiences extraordinary talent.

Diwali, the Steel Pan Jazz Festival, Taste T&T, and the Blue Food Festival dominate the month of October. They are celebrated by ever Trinidadian.
Hosay is an Islamic festival that is celebrated in November by the Muslim community.
Finally, the end of the year is marked by Parang Season in the country. Native songs are sung in French patois and Spanish in nightclubs, bars, and just about everywhere.