Divination, a practice deeply ingrained in the history of witchcraft, offers a gateway to the unseen and the unknown. For witches who specialize in divination, tools like tarot cards and scrying mirrors are not just objects, but extensions of their intuition and spiritual insight. This post delves into the various techniques used in divination, empowering witches to uncover hidden knowledge and navigate their spiritual paths.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are the most well-known divination tool. A witch uses a deck of 78 cards, each with its imagery and symbolism, to tap into spiritual guidance. By interpreting the cards drawn in a spread, the witch gains insights into the past, present, and future. Tarot readings can provide clarity on personal issues, relationships, and life decisions.


Scrying is an ancient method of divination that involves gazing into a reflective surface, such as a crystal ball, mirror, or even a bowl of water. The witch enters a meditative state, allowing visions or images to form. These visions are then interpreted to uncover hidden truths or predict future events. Scrying requires deep concentration and a solid connection to one’s intuition.

Pendulum Divination

Another popular method is pendulum divination. A pendulum, usually a crystal on a chain, is held steady and allowed to swing freely. The witch asks yes-or-no questions, interpreting the pendulum’s movements for answers. For instance, a clockwise swing might indicate a ‘yes’ answer, while a counterclockwise swing might indicate a ‘no’ answer. This simple yet powerful tool can provide quick guidance and clarity.


Runes, an ancient alphabet used by Germanic tribes for writing and divination, carry with them a rich history and profound significance. Each rune symbol has specific meanings and can be cast or drawn for insights. The witch, in a ritual steeped in tradition, interprets the runes based on their position and relation to each other, revealing messages from the spiritual realm. This ancient practice commands respect and reverence, offering a unique insight into the world of divination.

Divination offers a captivating glimpse into the occult, providing witches with tools to explore hidden aspects of life. Whether through tarot cards, scrying, pendulums, or runes, these methods foster a personal connection, helping witches to not only connect with their intuition but also with their spiritual guides. By mastering these techniques, witches can uncover truths and gain valuable insights to guide their paths, fostering a deeper connection with their spiritual selves.