Runes divination is an ancient practice. Modern Pagans continue to follow this practice today. Runes can be compared to reading tarot cards. However, it is key to note that rune casting does not predict the future or tell your fortune. Instead, it only provides guidance and works with your subconscious to solve problems. Even though their meanings can be pretty obscure at times, modern readers who cast runes find that they can incorporate them to ask specific questions.

What Is Rune Casting?

In most straightforward words, rune casting is an oracular divination method. The runes are cast or laid out randomly or in a specific pattern to guide a difficult situation. If anyone is having trouble making a decision, they can turn to rune casting to find the answers they seek. Now, it is essential to note that runes do not provide an exact answer or advice. However, they do suggest different possible outcomes according to the issue present. Thus, runes provide you with hints, and you can do the rest. With basic intuition and critical thinking skills, you will find the answers that you seek. Similar to any other form of divination, nothing is finalized or fixed.

History and Origins

For those who do not know, runes are an ancient alphabet used by Scandinavian and Germanic countries before adopting the Latin alphabet during the late Middle Ages. According to Norse legend, Odin discovered the runic alphabet himself. This means that runes were considered more than just handy symbols. They were considered to be the force of God. Thus, Germanic people believed that runes were pre-existent forces and were never invented. A nut-bearing tree is used for making the alphabet. The alphabet became commonly used throughout the Scandinavian world by the fourth century.

How to Cast Runes?

Casting runes is relatively simple. You will require a set of runes to get started. You should be able to purchase a set online. There are plenty of online marketplaces that offer pre-made runes. You could also get runes for Norse Paganism. Besides this, you can always make your own runes if you feel like it. Typically, runes are made out of the wood of any nut tree. Practitioners also use cedar, pine, hazel, and oak trees. To create runes, you have to carve, burn, and paint the symbol.

Some practitioners toss or cast the runes onto a white cloth. It helps make sure that one can easily see the results. Others simply cast the runes onto the ground. It is up to you to decide which method to choose. Make sure to keep your runes stored in a bag or box when you do not use them. You can create a layout for casting the runes as there is no specific method for casting runes. Place your hands in the bag and move the runes out. It will ensure that the runes have been mixed up and you have no clue which runes fall out. Like other forms of divination, runes divination addresses a specific issue. It looks at the past and present to determine its possibility.