Divination Magic for Beginners is an enlightening series meticulously designed to introduce novices to the captivating world of divination practices. Each book in the series focuses on a unique method, offering an accessible entry point into the mystical arts of foresight and insight. From the ancient runes, which carry the wisdom of the Norse, to the Diloggún’s sacred shells revealing the Orisha’s guidance, this series covers a broad spectrum of divinatory traditions.

The series begins with Divination with Runes, exploring the rich history, meanings, and practical applications of these ancient symbols. Divination with Diloggún delves into the Afro-Cuban tradition, teaching readers how to interpret the messages conveyed by the sacred shells. Divination with Osteomancy uncovers the art of bone reading, a practice with roots in many cultures around the globe, offering insights into the future based on the placement and orientation of bones. Divination with the Tarot guides beginners through the complex symbolism of tarot cards, providing a solid foundation for understanding and using the tarot for personal reflection and prediction. Divination with Stones explores lithomancy, which utilizes stones to gain insights into an individual’s life path and surrounding energies.

This series is perfect for those curious about the world of divination or seeking to deepen their spiritual practice. Each book is crafted to demystify these ancient practices, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience. Whether you’re drawn to the visual beauty of tarot cards, the tactile nature of runes and stones, or the profound symbolism of the Diloggún.