Detoxing Your Body with Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that utilizes your entire body; all of your muscles are engaged in elegant poses to relieve yourself of pain and stress. There won’t be a single day where you come back from a yoga session feeling worse than you did before. There’s a certain high you get after and during a yoga session because it really isn’t just a physical exercise but an exercise for your mind as well.

Exercising yoga is a great way to detox your entire body. There are a few poses that offer maximum ways to get your system cleansed.

Seated Twist Pose

Movements in the Seated Twist that involve compression and extended stretching are a great way to cleanse your body. Sure the toxins won’t jump out of your body but movements that constrict and offer resistance will push things downwards in your digestive system. The more we help our digestive system, the faster the toxins are removed.

Stomach Massage with Forward Fold

The Forward Fold is also a go-to position to alleviate any sort of pains and detox in general. The stomach massage, however, is an added bonus since it helps you to digest the food. This tactic is pretty common in the wild, where animals will rub their young’s belly so that they do not end up with indigestion.

When you are holding this position, use your fists to gently rub your stomach up and down. You can bend and adjust your legs if you cannot feel enough pressure being put on your stomach.

Sphinx Pose

This position should be more than enough to put pressure on your intestines and release as many toxins as possible. This position should be done in tandem with a rolled up mat or blanket placed underneath your stomach, ideally below your belly button the mat should be wide enough to cross your body easily. Breathing is of utmost importance here as it will determine at what place the pressure is being used.


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