Never make a deal with a Djinn.

Racked by guilt and desperate to bring her lover Matt back to life, Gemma ignores her fellow hunters’ warnings in her quest to defy death. She knows it’s a stupid idea, but she also knows it’s her fault Matt died. And when a mysterious Djinn appears with an offer that seems too good to be true, Gemma ignores the red flags and – running out of options – she accepts his price.

The Djinn’s terms are simple. Matt’s life will become bound to his. But after Gemma stumbles upon a bloodbath in a local bar, each victim bearing the mark of a Djinn, she realizes the horrifying truth about what she’s done. While Matt struggles to reclaim his life in a world that left him behind, Gemma races against the clock to find a way to break the magical link.

The hunters won’t stop until the Djinn is destroyed. If Gemma can’t sever the connection between Matt and the Djinn, she’ll be forced to watch him die a second time.

Can she outwit the evil spirit and cheat death? Or will she pay the price for playing with forces beyond her control?