Welcome to the “Urban Mystics Crew” – the exclusive group of passionate readers and promoters who are as enchanted by the city’s mystical underbelly as they are by the power of a well-told story. As a crew member, you are the heartbeat of our urban fantasy promotion, helping to spread the word about the latest tales steeped in magic, mystery, and the modern world.

Mission: Our mission is to share our love for dark urban fantasy with a wider audience. Through online engagement, grassroots marketing, and word-of-mouth buzz, we illuminate the hidden magic in alleyways and office buildings alike.


  • Social Media Savvy: Engage with fans and potential readers online, creating and sharing content that brings the urban fantasy realm to life.
  • Street Savant: Organize and participate in local book events, flash mobs, or themed gatherings that celebrate our genre’s unique blend of the contemporary and the mystical.
  • Review and Recommend: Read advance copies and promote new releases with authentic reviews, blog posts, and reader recommendations.
  • Swag Distribution: Distribute promotional materials like bookmarks, posters, and flyers in your local area, increasing visibility and interest.
  • Creative Contributions: Use your talents, whether in art, writing, or video, to create original content that supports our books and authors.



  • Get exclusive early access to books and content before they hit the shelves.
  • Connect with authors and fellow street team members in private forums and meet-ups.
  • Receive special merchandise, including signed copies, special editions, and Urban Mystics Crew gear.
  • Gain valuable experience in book promotion and marketing, with opportunities to lead projects and events.


As part of the Urban Mystics Crew, you’re not just promoting books; you’re bringing the mystical synergy of urban fantasy into the spotlight and creating a community of like-minded enthusiasts. Whether it’s through a tweet, a blog post, or a conversation in a coffee shop, your role is crucial in casting the spell that draws new readers into our world.