Gemma’s fight against darkness turns deadly personal when monsters infiltrate her last sanctuary.

Haunted by a life of hunting the supernatural, Gemma is abandoned by her sister who seeks normalcy away from the shadows. Alone, her battle with personal demons lands her in Magnolia Meadows rehab, where death lurks not in the guise of addiction, but in the monstrous form of an Aswang preying on the vulnerable.

In a race against time, Gemma must unravel the paranormal mystery as the body count rises. When an unexpected ally falls victim, the fight becomes a personal vendetta.

Gemma must navigate a maze of addiction, loyalty, and ancient evil. This is more than a fight for survival—it’s a search for redemption in a life where every choice could be your last.

If you’re captivated by the supernatural suspense of The Haunting of Hill House and the gritty, dark narrative of Supernatural, this book is a must-read. It masterfully blends psychological depth with action-packed paranormal investigation, offering a thrilling journey of self-discovery and a battle against both inner and outer demons.

Dive into the darkness with Gemma, where the true test is not in defeating the monster, but in not becoming one. Get your copy!